How to Log In

1) Get your WordPress login and password to join the site at this link. Make sure your login name is a composite of your first and last name. Example: LaurenO, LaurenOrsini or LOrsini.

2) Wait for an e-mail confirmation from the administrator. Once you get that, you’re ready to log in.

3) Immediately change your password after logging in to something you remember. Do this by going to Users and then Your Profile on the side bar of the admin screen.

4) You’re all set! Now all you need to do is go to “Site Admin” or “Log In” on the right-most column on the main page, and you can log in to post whenever you need to.

How to post

1) After you’ve clicked “Site Admin” on the main page, you’ll find yourself on the Dashboard. On the left side of the page, you’ll see a list of links. Click on Posts. Now, click on Add New at the top of the page.

2) Write your post in the text box. Make sure you’ve selected the Visual tab, not HTML. This way, you can see bold, italics, block quotes, and anything else you’d like to add.

3) To add an image, click on the rectangle next to “Upload/Insert” above the text box. You can select any image on your computer to upload. Let the image information box walk you through the rest, and click OK. You should now have an image in the text box. Make sure to add a caption in this style: “Caption text. By Your Name, Teen Observer.”*

4) It is important that before you publish, you select a category for your post. For articles, you will want these three: “2012,” “Article,” and whichever topic best matches yours (example: “Food.”) For blog posts, you will do the same except instead of selecting article, select “Blog.”

*Never upload images that you haven’t taken or been given permission to use.

How to add video

1) Choose the video you’d like to embed from YouTube. Copy the URL from the search bar.

2) In the WordPress post editor, make sure you have the Visual tab selected, not HTML. Paste the URL wherever you want the video to appear.

3) Save and preview. Your video should show up wherever you had pasted the URL.

How to add a slideshow 

First: Upload your photos to the media library, which should be cropped in Photoshop to 750 by 400 pixels, and saved as 72 dpi before uploading. Give each a name (don’t just leave the number of the image on there, as the camera recorded).

Then in WordPress:

1) Create a new post.

2) Type the word “slideshow” in brackets like this:

… in the space where the body of the story would normally go.

3) Go the “image” icon above the body of the post, and go to the “from computer” tab, and drop files from your desktop or computer.

4) Go into each photo, and in the field marked “Caption,” write a caption, ending with “Photo by xxx.”

5) Then “Save all changes,” but do not press “use this image.”

The photo will show up in your gallery.

6) Click on “from computer” until you have all the images you like.

7) Then close the window.

8) Press preview.




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