A ‘giant’ game for the fans

ballpark3SAN FRANCISCO — When the Giants faced the Milwaukee Brewers at AT&T Park for the third time in the series on Aug. 7, Nik Burns was there. Burns, who has been going to games since he was a child — “They’ve been my favorite team since the womb,” he says — is a big fan of pitcher Madison Bumgarner and catcher Buster Posey.

“The baseball experience is always amazing and exhilarating,” Burns says.

UC-Davis student Nathan Chin, working as a fan photographer at the Giants ballpark, also enjoys the season. He started working at 16 at the park as a food vendor. Now armed with his camera, he meets fans and players, adding that Posey has greeted him several times when he was driving by the stadium. Chin has also had the opportunity to speak with pitcher Tim Lincecum and has petted Matt Cain’s dog. “It’s fun to come as a guest, and it is fun to work,” says Chin.”It’s always amazing and exhilarating,” he says.

San Francisco police officer Lyons comes 25 to 40 times throughout the season to work at the stadium. He is assigned to specific areas during the game, but also enjoys being able to walk around the park. Lyons’ four-hour shift allows him time to watch his favorite player Jeff Francoeur, as well as keeping the ballpark a safe environment.