Rawdaddy’s creates healthy cones

BERKELEY, Calif. — Every Saturday morning at 10, citizens of Berkeley and the surrounding areas gather at the intersection of Center and Martin Luther King streets for the  Ecology Center’s farmer’s market. Stalls line the street adjacent to the park and are interspersed with street performers and scores of customers. One of those vendors is Rawdaddy’s.

The business is a venture created by James Hall in 2012 with the aim to teach people that organic food is better tasting and better for you than fast food. Rawdaddy’s makes sweet and savory cones filled with “organic, seasonal and local” ingredients, according to its website. Their food is mostly raw, because, as employee Doug Hall — James’ brother — says, “your body wants to process the food.” Your body wants to take the nutrients from the food and digest them but doesn’t do this well with fast food and other processed foods, as many of the nutrients have already been processed. With raw food, “a lot of the enzymes are still intact,” he said.

Doug added that since he started working at Rawdaddy’s, he has changed his own diet greatly. He said he cut down on meat and fast food and eats more raw foods. He said the best thing about raw food is the energy he has after eating them. He said that there’s no “crash” after you eat, as sometimes happens when with processed foods. He finds it especially important to eat raw foods before making his hour-long drive back home from work. “If I eat processed food, I get kind of sick on the road,” he said.