Market for performers and organics

BERKELEY, Calif. — The sun’s rays shines down strongly, as people from all over the Berkeley area crowd around stalls for their fresh food and enjoy another Saturday in the community. You can hear the voices from people of all ages that range from children wandering around the stalls laughing, to the adults as they discuss and bargain over prices, to the singing voices of those who decide to share their talents. All in all the bustle in Downtown Berkeley’s Farmer’s Market is much to take in as you walk down Center Street, lined with stalls that have a variety of services; fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the farm; a massage tent; a bakery; even an in-person knife sharpener. There’s a sense of community as kind faces greet you with a smile and the promise of delicious freshly grown and organic food.  In addition, performers and musicians can be found all around the market, instrument in hand as they sing a melody and keep the beat. Their music can be heard with their passion as it livens up the already bright atmosphere of the market.

“I’m overwhelmed, and I love it,” says local resident Zoe Sifirm as she walks along the stalls, taking in the atmosphere. This was Sifrim’s first time visiting the market and already it seems like she enjoys herself as she talked about her experience, “It’s a nice community event, the entire market makes me giggle,” she said.

In this scene you find the kind shop keeper (Right) assisting a customer (left) with finding a ripe melon among all the many organic melons.

A vendor offers a ripe melon slice to passersby.

Gary Rosenberg comes to the market every Saturday to play. “I do this as an act of love,” says Rosenberg, “It’s a great way to socialize with the community and I have a really good time.” Despite having a full-time job during the week, Rosenburg still takes the time to come to the market and play with his guitar.

Anna Van Riel is a touring songwriter and singer who hails from New Zealand; her visit to Berkeley is her 5th week in the middle of a three-month tour. Her tour is a sustainable house concert, a special form of performing on tour in which she visits many homes, farms, markets and public events and the main focus is promoting sustainability. Her visit to Berkeley’s Farmer’s Market was met with positive feedback. “I find it lovely, very nutritious and delicious!” she says. “I got a lovely nice reception from everyone. I like the other performers as well, it’s nice how they’re spotted all around the market.”

Anna Van Riel performing one of her many original songs beside many different vendors as she has her tour case open with all her information and albums.

Anna Van Riel performs one of her many original songs.

If you wish to find more information on Berkeley’s Market you can visit their official page here.