Loyal Giants fans still believe in their World Series Champions


Fans pack the stadium despite the Giants poor record to show their support. Photo by Rod Begbie

SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Giants, World Series champions two out of the last three years, are one of only 20 teams that have won multiple World Series, and even fewer have won two out of a three-year stretch. So the big question is why does a team that has dominated baseball for the past three years have a losing record and is fifth out of five teams in the NL West?

While others in the sport are wondering what happened to the great team, the Giants fans can still be found packing the stadium on game day. On Wednesday they had their 222nd sell out game, so although the team is sinking, the fans are still clinging to the great Giants of last season.

Leslie Cain, mother of two sons and a avid Giants fan said, “Every team has their tough years. We can’t win the World Series every year. I was a fan long before the 2010 World Series, and I will always love watching baseball no matter how good or bad the team is doing.”

Her young sons at her side were both sporting baseball caps and T-shirts with the Giants logo and their favorite player on the back. They said they just love a good baseball game.

Other fans were quick to analyze why their team was losing. “There is a pattern with World Series winning teams, usually the season after their win, they have a really bad season. It’s happened with a lot of teams, and it’s totally normal. I know they are still the same team, and they will be great again, but I guess this is just an ego check for them,”  said Aaron Levy, an amateur statistician.


Giants fans file through the gates for another sellout game against the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday night. Photo by Kelsey Jones

“I know the Giants are more than capable of being a winning team. They have all the components, Buster Posey and Tim Lincecum for example, but the magic just isn’t there this season. Doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy the game and wear the orange and black with pride,” said Connor Gehler, a season-ticket holder for the fifth year.

Despite a 6-1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday, the fans remained energetic.

“I have watched the Giants ever since I was a little kid,” said Allan Huffer. “I played baseball when I was younger and I just remember watching Matt Williams, my idol, playing in the World Series in ’89. And even though they lost, I was still so proud to be a fan of such an incredible team,” he said. “I bleed orange and black, and no amount of losses or wins could change that.”