Low standings? Fans don’t care

SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Giants have sunk to the bottom of the National League standings.  The team is going through a bad year with injuries and poor performances by usually reliable players.

The Giants are really in a slump, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the fans. “Doesn’t matter how bad the Giants are, we still come to the games,” said Pat Madigan, a lifelong Giants fan.  The audience was still ecstatic and supportive at the Giants-Brewers game on Wednesday night.  A whopping 41,416 people showed up to a game, which means they sold out for the 222nd straight game — although the Giants ended up losing 6-1.

That is the longest streak in Major League Baseball at the moment.

To keep this record alive even with the low winning production of the Giants the stadium has added kid friendly attractions that have been big with people who bring their kids to these games.

“It’s a very family friendly park,” said Jack Meggs who brought his wife and two sons out to the game this Wednesday. “There’s lots of kid activities.”

While the kids are being entertained with mini baseball or exploring the slides in the Coca-Cola bottle shaped park, it gives a chance for the couples to get away and also have a good time.  “It’s a good place for a date,” said Liam Welsh who brought his girlfriend to the game. “We’re both fans so it ends up being a lot of fun.”

Welsh sums it up : “Win or lose, it’s always a good time.”