‘I love coming to the games’

The crowd at the Giants vs. Brewers game.  Photo by Carly Prigge

The crowd at the Giants vs. Brewers game.
Photo by Carly Prigge

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — People float around outside choosing between hot dogs and chicken fingers, while the stadium erupts into cheers behind them. The game is the Giants vs. the Brewers, and most everyone has the Giants insignia on their hats and sweatshirts.

Iza Bertram, wearing a Giants T-shirt, said she’s a fan because, “My husband is.”

Others were more analytical, such as Jason Silva, a resident of San Francisco. “I like the Giants because they accept young players, new talent. And yeah, the way they play.” To him, being part of the experience is better than watching the game on his television because he says he is able to feel the passion and drive from the team toward their sport.

JP Fetsch of Stockton said he’s a fan because, “it gives him something to root for” as he watches the sport he enjoys.

For Will Scharninghuesem, standing in line for chicken fingers and garlic fries, it isn’t about the players or the way they play. “I figure that if I was from L.A. I’d be a Dodgers fan.” He continues on to explain why he loves coming to the games, “I love coming to the games here. It’s an awesome stadium.”

Another fan, Linda Silva, said, “My kids started liking them when they were little, so I got into it, too.” Both her son and daughter are Giants fans because they received T-shirts with the team logo on it when they were younger. “Watching them make a home run in person makes it more fun,” she said.

For a single contradictory view, I talked to Mike and Julie Duncan. Julie first said that her husband was a Giants fan, and when asked for her opinion, said, “Honestly? I think its stupid. These players get paid millions of dollars and then they complain about not getting health care when they stop playing.” Her husband, however, had a different view: “I love the Giants because of Will Clark.”

Clark, a former and well-loved Giants first baseman, was one of Duncan’s favorites.  “He’s just a great player,” said Mike Duncan, “I think it’s very important to have a team to root for.”