Giants fans energize the team and the city

SAN FRANCISCO — One thing that any visitor of San Francisco’s AT&T Park will immediately notice is the level of energy that radiates from the fans. Nearly every game is a sell-out, and it’s difficult to find a much louder and more excited crowd at any baseball game. The fans have watched and cheered as the Giants have won two World Series titles in the past three years. While there’s no proof that the fans have any correlation to the team’s success, they certainly can’t hurt.

However, anyone can be a fan when the team’s doing well. It takes a true fan to root for a losing team. That is exactly the case this season, as the defending champion Giants have sunk all the way to last place in the National League West division. Despite this, the fans continue to show up game after game in the cold San Francisco weather and cheer their beloved team on.

“Obviously, it’s more fun when they win,” said longtime Giants fan Harrison Flaherty. “But even when the team struggles, I always watch the games. If you give up when your team has an off year, then you’re not a true fan.” This seems to be the attitude of many fans who consistently pack the seats.  They pride themselves on their intense passion and commitment to the team.

Last year, when the team won the world series, they were playing in Detroit. This did nothing to stop the city’s celebration, as more than 10,000 fans gathered in the Civic Center Plaza to watch the game. When the game was over, fans took to the streets and celebrated all night.

“It really is amazing,” said relatively new Giants fan Mason Dumars. “I only started coming to the games recently, but the energy from this crowd is so contagious. It’s impossible not to be affected by it.”