Following 510 Skateboarding

BERKELEY, Calif. — California is a state well-known for its good weather and skateboarding. Most cities, if not all in California, have some sort of skateboarding community and a skate shop to provide not only gear but a sense of family or local identity for it. 510 Skateboarding, named after the shop’s area code, has been holding it down for the skating community in Berkeley since its founding in 1998. Most of the shop’s patrons are college students and a large majority of them are not actual skateboarders. 510 can’t help that skateboarding apparel is stylish and not only skateboarders will want to wear it but the store accepts the business wholeheartedly. Shop employee Elad Magidishsaid, “There are a lot more non-skateboarders than skateboarders and brand like Huf (an apparel brand started by Keith Hufnagel, popular among skateboarders and non-skateboarders alike for their products) are great for skateboarding and great for business.”

But despite the number of non-skateboarders shopping at 510, the store has never failed to keep it about skateboarding. They’ve done so by putting out Internet videos of their team riders, sponsoring contests, and just putting the word out about skateboarding happening in Berkeley or other cities in the Bay Area like San Francisco through their website and facebook page.

The latest event being sponsored by 510 is called Follow the Leader, the name of the contest influenced by team rider Alex Fatemi’s nickname, “Leader.” The idea of the contest is to follow the “Leader” from different skate spots around the city streets of Berkeley, starting at Berkeley’s City Hall moving to different spots around the city and ending at Berkeley Skatepark at Harrison Park with food, product giveaways and more skateboarding.