Big-league Giants and their fans

SAN FRANCISCO — Cheers can be heard from all over the AT&T Stadium here on a recent Wednesday night, with 42,000 fans here for the Milwaukee Brewers game. David Soper was visiting from Indiana. “I’m a fan today!” Soper said. “The fans around us are wonderful.”

San Francisco Giants fans pack the stadium

San Francisco Giants fans packed the stadium to see them face off against the Milwaukee Brewers. Photo by Cole Mootz

Brian Jung said, “They started this year very well, but what they are trying to do is gather everything that they need for next year.”

Still, he was optimistic about the game: “Of course, I gotta say Giants! The home team! With our best pitcher I think they’re gonna win it!”

The Giants ended up losing 6-1. Fan Eduardo Valladares said, “They’ve dug themselves deep in a hole, but they have the talent to bring themselves back.” He believes that there’s always a possibility that the Giants can make a comeback but said, “I’m always dreaming.”