Profiling Meara Waxman

Waxman writes details while studying a move poster for the 1982 film Diner.

Waxman writes details while studying a move poster for the 1982 film Diner.

Like many students, rising junior Meara Waxman writes for her school newspaper. But the Charlotte, N.C., resident didn’t just join the paper on a whim — she has been involved with journalism since the sixth grade.

Waxman wrote for her middle school newspaper and at her high school is known for her column, “Movies You May Have Missed,” in which she reviews independent films and edits the arts and entertainment section.

One of the reviews that stuck out most to her was 2011’s Midnight in Paris, starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. She expected the movie to be a superficial romantic comedy, but in reality it was a film filled with metaphors about new-age writers after World War II.

Through the column that she writes, Waxman has merged her passions for independent films and television shows such as “The Marx Brothers” and “The Three Stooges” and a long-standing love for English.

Waxman’s passion for English and writing stems from her love of reading. She says, perhaps with hyperbole, that she has “read every single fantasy book ever.” In recent years she has become interested in genres as diverse as science fiction and the classics. She adores Ernest Hemingway.

Waxman also found a passion for journalism through her great uncle Mike. He was a career journalist, and when he retired, he moved to Hilton Head, S.C.. With his newfound free time, he wrote novels and freelanced, and Waxman loved reading his manuscripts as a child.

Although Waxman strives to teach English when she grows up, she would love to write arts and entertainment articles or editorials for her local paper on the side.