Profiling Erin Carr

Carr interviewing for her broadcast journalism class

Carr interviewing for her broadcast journalism class.

Erin Carr remembers watching CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on her living room TV screen growing up. But she didn’t think of her as a role model until she was assigned to report on Amanpour for her journalism class at Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey.

Amanpour, the chief international correspondent for CNN and host of the nightly interview program “Amanpour,” quickly became an inspiration to Carr. She said she admired the anchor’s ability to be a trailblazer constantly defy the norm.

“When learning about her I was amazed by her impressive achievements — her many awards and travels,” Carr said.

Carr said she would like to eventually follow in Amanpour’s footsteps in journalism. This summer, as a first step, she is taking a news writing course through American University’s Discover the World of Communication program.

Carr said she admires Amanpour’s ability to break into broadcast during a time when not many female anchors were given that chance. To Carr, Amanpour was not only a female role model but also a journalistic role model.

“Seeing her report on things as controversial as biblical roots [from her "Back to the Beginning reports in 2012] inspired me to become a journalist,” Carr said. “She was never afraid of anything.”

After completing her report on Amanpour,  Carr said she began to enjoy her journalism class and became more interested in the profession. She is leaning toward broadcast journalism — just like her favorite journalist.