Profiling Nate Hiatt

Nate Hiatt, a rising junior at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High school in the Washington D.C. suburbs, became interested in writing at a young age. He was exposed to journalism at home: His parents are longtime editors of The Washington Post.

“Growing up in DC, having the important newspaper around, and having both of my parents work for it, my standard of writing always had to be higher, and I was always expected to excel,” Hiatt said.

Although he was initially hesitant about writing because he did not want to follow directly in the footsteps of his parents, Hiatt has found himself drawn to journalism and other types of writing. He wrote short books in the third grade with his father. He became a staff writer last year for his school newspaper, The Tattler. This fall, he will be the feature editor.

“Coming from a journalism family, my leap to journalism seemed natural,” Hiatt said.

Hiatt said taking the high school journalism class that helps put out the newspaper fueled his interest in writing. This past school year he worked on several pieces, including one in which he followed two high school students with anxiety problems and reported on the details of why they missed so much school.


Hiatt with elephant at American University

Hiatt said he seeks to continue with  journalism and keep up with the commitment of being a school newspaper writer. An aspiring history major, this summer he is attending a professional newswriting class through Discover the World of Communication at American University, where he seeks to gain more journalism experience.