Profiling Morgan Boydston

Lights, camera, report. Morgan Boydston is no stranger to the stress of the camera. Boydston’s childhood was not only filled with soccer practice and algebra but also auditions. At the age of 4, Boydston was already auditioning for multiple commercials and movies. She quickly realized she had a knack for being in front of the camera.

After moving from her birth place of San Diego to Boise, Idaho, Boydston was forced to stop auditioning due to limited acting opportunities. However, that didn’t stop her from spending her free time with cameras. Boydston became involved in video editing after taking a video technology class at her high school. To add to her knowledge of media, Boydston decided to attend the National Student Leadership Conference, a summer leadership program. It was after taking the sports writing class that she realized her passion for broadcast journalism.

Boydston, unlike most, doesn't get nervous in front of the camera.

Boydston, unlike most, doesn’t get nervous in front of the camera.

“I think my personality really fits it (broadcast journalism),” Boydston said. “I really like being able to tell stories.”

Right before graduating high school, Boydston made a trip to Boulder, Colo. The beautiful campus and journalism program won her over. Now a broadcast journalism major with an emphasis on sociology, Boydston is heavily involved in multiple internships, including reporting for both Radio 1190 and Inside Boulder News.

Boydston recently applied to be a counselor at NSLC, hoping to reconnect with the very program that got her into the broadcast journalism world. Boydston said she is eager to help other students build relationships much like the ones she formed years ago. NSLC gave her confidence in herself that she hopes to bestow upon others.

“Whether you (students) see it or not, these next 10 days are going to be the best of your life,” Boydston said. “It’s [NSLC] really a great growing experience.”