Finding alone time a challenge during the whirlwind NSLC program

Many students use Facebook during their free time

Many students use Facebook during their free time

For students attending the National Student Leadership Conference at American University, free time is a rarity. With a jam-packed schedule full of leadership activities, communication courses and field trips to historic Washington D.C. spots, students are almost always doing something.

Despite the busy schedule, students manage to find a few minutes everyday to unwind. Many spend this time calling home, going on Facebook and taking peaceful walks.

Camille Armada, a student in the NSLC program, said she likes to start her day by going to the gym. It’s a stress reliever — and often the only alone time she’ll have all day.

“You’re around people all day, and sometimes you need to take a moment for yourself,” Armada said.

One popular way to spend free time is to sleep. Students are often tired for most of the day and don’t feel like they get enough rest at night. International students are particularly tired at the start of the program because of jet lag.

After a long day, students need free time to unwind. High-stress days can be draining, and everybody needs time to refresh and get prepared for the next day. Despite a full schedule, students are still able to find cherished moments of serenity.