Where fresh meets friendly


Produce grown by Jim Nofziger. Photo by Karen Liu, Teen Observer

BERKELEY, Calif. — The enthusiasm of the many vendors at the farmers’ market here extends from the varying fruits and vegetables to sizzling mushroom crepes to earthy, textured ginger — a wide mix of products that gives a Saturday morning at Center and Martin Luther King streets here a festive atmosphere.

First-time seller Willa Ahlschwete began her business, October Feist, at the weekly Saturday market looking for new opportunity.  “I love food, and bread,” Ahlschwete said.

Nofziger’s famous cider vinegar, Teen Observer photo

“The people here are really nice,” said Jim Nofziger, regarding his relationships with the other vendors and his customers he has known during his five years at the market. When talking about his famous home-grown ginger and olives, Nofziger slowly begins to grin with pride, saying, “I grow it all.”  At his Pacifica home, Nofziger labors over his certified organic farm, which is where he grows all of his products. Nofziger also creates  cider vinegar.