What’s a star without shine?

BERKELEY, Calif. — Being a baller, specifically a star basketball player, is regarded for the most part as a glamorous lifestyle. Being able to do what you love, make above-average income and get national regard would be a dream for many, but a reality to some. However, most people do not know about the risks and sacrifices that these glorified players have to make.

Allen Crabbe is a 20-year-old star basketball player for the University of California, Berkeley, and he exemplifies such sacrifices. Being on the college level, players such as Crabbe do not receive income from playing the game, meaning they have to make money in other fashions. This may make schedules more hectic, taking away what may be the biggest loss to a player, family time.

For Crabbe, the lack of family time is especially difficult because he looks up to his parents for support. They have been there for him from the beginning, and he truly values their support. His time with them is even more important now because of the rigors of evoling his game to match up an evolving level of competition.

For Crabbe, there was an intense learning curve coming from high school basketball to the college level. Nevertheless, Crabbe still finds ways to shine despite the Golden Bears currently going through a rebuilding year. He has known success since his high school days, winning a championship as a senior and being ranked No. 57 overall by ESPN-U.

He then went on to recieve a full scholarship. He chose Cal because of the sense of comfortability, he said. He says that the process of coming from such glorifcation to a situation that he is in has been frustrating.

He is coming off a nose injury from the previous season, another example of the risks a player will take throughout their career. The workload a professional baller goes through is tedious, but that may not even compare to what they go through in live game action.

The players are also separated from the regular students in attempt to prevent them from interacting with the wrong influences .  A lack of being able to mingle with family and classmates may take an emotional toll on a player.

Being a professional is hard, especially when you have national expectation to be one. So for the humble and talented Allen Crabbe, he can now add resiliant to his portrayal.