Uncle Sam is a “Giant” fan

SAN FRANCISCO – Giants fans are known to be die-hard supporters of their team, but Tom Dibell goes above and beyond. When first spotted at the Wednesday, Aug. 1 game at AT&T park in downtown San Francisco, his outfit could catch one’s eye from a mile away.

“I’m dressed as Uncle Sam, one of the characters in a song that was written by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter called U.S. Blues” he explained, adding that he was celebrating the anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s birthday, lead singer of “The Grateful Dead.” Many other fans dressed up for Jerry Garcia Night, but Dibell put much more effort into his outfit, a sparkly patriotic suit, than most.

He comes to about 10 games per year and his favorite part of the games are the home runs. His path in becoming a Giants fan is intriguing; he grew up in Ohio and was an Indians fan, but “[they] lost perennially.”  When he moved to San Francisco in 1973, he became a convert.

His favorite moment as a black and orange fan was in 1989, watching the Giants beat the Chicago Cubs at Candlestick Park. Although that game wasn’t the world series, Dibell will hold it in his memory forever, because “they’re the best team” which is a sentiment that all Giants fans hold.