Team-building on ropes course brings students closer

The students of NSLC’s Newswriting class found themselves faced with a challenge: Wires, ropes and ladders decorated the trees of Fort Miley State Park, inviting the students to reach new heights as individuals and as a team.

Haley and Meghan on the high rope activity. Photo by Elizabeth DeVeny, Teen Observer.

The Adventure Challenge course at Fort Miley presents a challenge for even the most courageous of students. Situated in a forest overlooking the San Francisco Bay, the high rope activities provide great views and cold blasts of air for last week’s outing. Despite the cold weather, spirits were high.

The team started out with warm up activities, meant to teach teamwork and the importance of risktaking. The warm up activities also encompassed safety features, like the necessity of having a spotter before you begin to climb.

As a team, the students cheered on their classmates and provided encouragement to the more hesitant climbers.

The whole wolfpack after a very fun day! Photo by Elizabeth DeVeny, Teen Observer.




Because of Ryan’s fear of heights and mine of ladders, we appreciated the support. It was so great to be cheered on while we faced our fears. Even better, we were able to see how the day’s activities brought the class together. Hopefully, the newfound connections within the team will carry over into the classroom.

After the trip everyone was exhausted, hungry — and cold.