Stories behind the Fans

SAN FRANCISCO — Giants games bring people out for all different reasons, but what made coming to the Giants game on August 1st so special? Ed Peterson attended the game in celebration of his good friend Ron’s birthday. The last time these two attended a game together was “in 1995, and the Giants came back and won in the last inning.” Peterson would like to be able to come out to the games more often, but it’s too expensive. For him, coming to the games is a rare opportunity now.

AT&T Park lights go on as fans share their stories. Picture by Gabrielle Whitcomb

However, for newlyweds Elissa and Anthony Lopez, attending baseball games is a hobby. The game was important for the Lopez’s because it was the end of their honeymoon journey to different baseball parks. The Lopez’s have been to a total of 11 different parks. The two of them are huge Rays fans and have been following them around as they travel, the Rays played the A’s earlier in the day. “My wife decided since we were here already we might as well see the Giants Stadium,” said Anthony Lopez. “Our favorite park is either this one or Baltimore,” Elissa Lopez added. Coming from a couple who has been to many  parks, this high ranking is impressive.

For employee Sylvia, the Giants Stadium has always been her favorite. Sylvia went to her first game in 1958 at the Seal Stadium which was on 16th Street. She then attended games at the Candlestick when the Giants moved. After leaving Candlestick, she followed the Giants to the new stadium they play in now. However, instead of being a fan at the games she is now an employee. What made coming out to this game so special to her was she got “to hang out with her closest friends that she now views as family.”

All the fans sitting in the crowd have a story to share. Whatever the cause, the Giants games don’t just bring in a crowd of people, they bring in a crowd of  stories and excitement.