San Francisco Giants fanbase community

SAN FRANCISCO — When looking into the crowd of cheering fans at AT&T Park,  home of the San Francisco Giants, one is looking at more than just a baseball fanbase.  They are looking into a small community with an extreme passion being shared – Giants baseball.  From the very top of the stadium to last row before homeplate, each fan has a story to tell and a reason for being at that game.

San Francisco local, Rich, is a huge Giants Fan.  He can remember his first game in 1949, and then going to as many games as he could with his father.  Rich considers going to Giants games a family tradition and made sure to take his son to games just like his father did when he was young.  He estimated that he goes to about 25 games a season, and mostly attends week night games.  At every game Rich attends he roots for Melky Cabrera.

Rich isn’t the only one to show up to games with tradition behind him.  Alan is another loyal fan, and has been a part of the Giants community since he was twelve years old. He will never forget going to games with his father and watching players such as Willie Mays lead the Giants in the 1960′s.  Now that he is older, Alan is a season ticket holder and currently takes his friends to the games for guy’s nights out at the park.

Some family traditions at this park are are still in the making.  Katherine, her son Walker and her daughter Phoebe are new Giants fans with high hopes of starting a tradition.  The family began attending Giants games only a few years ago and already loves it. The family’s admiration of The Giants catcher, Buster Posey, goes far from the field.  Phoebe recently named the family dog, a yellow lab, after him.  A highlight in the family’s short history at AT&T Park was on Phoebe’s eleventh birthday, when she got a ball signed by Giants players.

Whether it’s a family trying to start a new tradition, a man and his pals getting together or a fan enjoying his ongoing love of the game, all Giants fans have a strong passion and a story behind it.