Men driven to cheer

SAN FRANCISCO — Being a fan of the away team is always a tough situation. If your team loses, you put a target on your back for taunts from home team fans; if your team wins, you put a target on your back for rude comments from frustrated fans.  This was especially apparent for Mike who spent his Wednesday night chanting “Let’s go Mets” alone in a section full of giants fans.  Occasionally Mike would get some light support from his embarrassed family or a Mets fan a couple sections over but for the majority of the game Mike was cheering oddly loud for someone in the upper decks of a regular baseball game.

After approaching the energized fan, Teen Observer learned that this was not a normal baseball game for Mike.  In town for his son’s wedding, Mike and his family were out to cheer for their favorite teams who happened to be meeting on the same night.

There was one other factor that made this game special for Mike, which was his return to gambling.  “It’s the first time I bet since the Super bowl and I’ve got 1000 dollars on the Mets!”  During the top of the ninth inning, the nervous fan was easy to spot pacing back and forth from across the rambunctious stadium.  About 15 minutes later, it was even easier to see him raising his arms in celebration and hugging complete strangers who were booing him just a few innings before.  This didn’t bother Mike who said, “you better believe I’m gonna root.”  Although his BAC may have been high, it surely wasn’t as high as his excitement after the game.

On the other side, the Rally Wrestler, who wished to remain unknown, is the head of the 10th men at AT&T Park.  With access to every section in the ballpark, he gets great views of the game while giving great inspiration and making great connections  with the 1,000s of fans at the game.  He rarely travels to the bleachers though who he says are “a whole different creature.”

This fanatic has been coming to games since 1970 and has seen a lot of history with the Giants.  He has good feelings about this team with just under 2 months left in the season he says they “are just startin’ to gel.”  A part of “the fifth generation” of Giants fans in his family, the Rally Wrestler is definitely seen as a defining character in AT&T Park.