Farmers’ market: Not just for produce

BERKELEY, Calif. — The latest craze of consuming fresh food from local markets is becoming increasingly popular nationwide, and Berkeley is no exception. The organic lifestyle is appealing to larger crowds, making farmers busy, if not overwhelmed. Not only is the quality of the produce, fish and bakery items attracting new fans, but the local farms make it a trusted way of shopping.

Hog Island Oysters are on sale at the Saturday markets in downtown Berkeley. Photo by Courtney Moscardi, Teen Observer

In May of 1987, the Ecology Center Farmers’ Market took over the markets, which are held four days a week in different locations and beckons locals sellers.

Among them is Michael Cordero, who works for Hog Island Oysters. Codero values the iconic company for its oysters and he is a strong believer in the excecution of the “R-rule,” which says oysters are best during months with an “R” in their names.

Hog Island Oysters ready to be sold at farmers market. Photo by Courtney Moscardi, Teen Observer

Bertha Navarro of the family-owned Kaki Farms said the market “helps to support local farmers” and promotes “better- quality food.” Nicasio Soria owns and operates the farm, which sells its produce at several farmers markets in California.