Cal’s Crabbe matures in his game

BERKELEY, Calif — Allen Crabbe is returning to UC-Berkeley in 2012 for his junior year of basketball.  However, he has not officially taken a break from his routine, having spent his first summer in Berkeley this year.  The hoops veteran is fufilling his duties by acclimating freshmen and maintaining daily workouts.  In addition to trying to become a leader on the court, Crabbe has goals after school — such as succeeding in the NCAA tournament and even the in the NBA.

Crabbe admits to being a bit reserved when it comes to being vocal on the court.  He said that he doesn’t want to be a “hypocrite” when commanding a teammate to do something, since he is also not flawless. But Crabbe said his coach has been putting him in more situations where he must speak up and lead the younger players.

Faces in the NBA are familiar to Crabbe, as he has competed against many of them in his college years.  “It’s an inspitation to see them make it big,” he said.

Although his dreams are growing bigger and bigger, Crabbe has not forgotten his roots in Los Angeles.  His mother travels to almost every game.  “That’s my biggest fan right there” he said.  Crabbe’s father played basketball, and he himself has been playing since he was 5 years old.

Throughout his years, the 6-foot-6 Crabbe has seen it all, from scouts following him to his high school games to breaking his nose in the Olympic tryouts. “You go through your ups and downs” he said, but he came to Cal “because the coaches showed they were really interested in me.” He said, “You just learn more from each game … eventually, you just let the game come to you.”