Berkeley market: ‘You know who your customers are’

Eduardo Morell, owner of Morell’s. Photo by Sarah Fogel, Teen Observer

BERKELEY, Calif. — Organic and locally grown food is becoming exceedingly popular, and the local farmers’ market reinforces that. An array of color fills Center and Martin Luther King streets, reflecting the variety of products sold along with the mouth-watering scents that occupy the air. A mix of pastries, flowers  and herbs contribute to the overall effect.

The combination of the locally grown food and variety of products is what draws both sellers and clients into the market. Eduardo Morell, owner of Morell’s, sees many plusses to the farmer’s market. Morell started his career as a chef until he discovered baking. For 10 years now he has stayed committed to his profession and said, “I think it is better on many different levels,” regarding the quality of the food.

Morell believes in the idea of selling clients locally grown as well as fresh food and is trying to be “as central as possible.” He incorporates this ideology into his business by using products with 100 miles.

Eduardo Morell’s daughter. Photo by Sarah Fogel, Teen Observer

Is there a downside? Morell said, “You may be spending a little more money.” However, the quality of the food seems to override this, he said, because “It’s a good system to support.”

Another positive aspect to the farmer’s market is the environment. One of the customers on a recent Saturday was Jessica Moll, who said she has “a better feeling at the farmers’ market, describing it as “more of an active and interactive experience.”

Flowers at the station where Callie Feliz works. Photo by Sarah Fogel, Teen Observer

And Bernie Bernstein, a vendor, said “At the farmer’s market, you know who your customers are.” Callie Feliz, who works at one of the flower stations, agreed that “It’s a real community.”