The market and changing lives


Terrance Womack, the man behind scenes. Photo by Kelly Nicolas, Teen Observer

BERKELEY Calif. — Have you ever thought of the people who work behind the scenes of farmers’ markets? Terrance Womack, a determined 20-year-old, was once the assistant manager at the Farmers’ Market here in downtown Berkeley. He has worked with the vendors since high school and said, “Working here was a life-changing experience.” There was a time in Womack’s life when he ate Skittles and drank Sprite all the time. Throughout his time at the market, he realized that eating better was essential to being more productive. Slowly he began to eliminate junk food from his diet and replace it with organic and fresh food from the market. With his new and improved diet, he was motivated to begin exercising, and even though he no longer works there, he continues to live a healthy lifestyle.

Womack and his family are originally from Italy, where they have multiple organic farms and sell their produce and vegetables to many places around the Mediterranean. This is where he got his inspiration and passion for food, he said, and it led to his job at the market.

He has been living in the Bay Area on and off for 15 years, but goes back to Rome often. He loves to travel and is always up for new adventures. He recently embarked on the adventure of switching jobs. Now Womack works as an administrative assistant for Tethys, a company that projects risks to pinpoint the likelihood of disease. He said that the transfer between jobs wasn’t hard because the pay was better and he just “follows [his] ambitions.”

Womack attends UC-Berkeley, but is taking the year off  “to see where life takes me.” He said that through determination, ambition and discipline, you can get anywhere. Although he’s moving on in his life, he visits the market on a weekly basis. It was obvious that his former co-workers missed him as they gave him hugs, handshakes and a multitude of “thank you’s.”