The Reporter: Evan Berkowitz

In sixth grade the majority of students are concerned with socializing, goofing around and having fun, Evan Berkowitz,  spent his time writing  and forming his own personal newspaper, “The Reporter.” Almost five years later, not much has changed for Berkowitz, who simply changed his writing venue to his high school newsroom.

“Sixth through seventh grade I made my own newspaper on some mornings,” Berkowitz said. “It was just local fluff stories that I hand wrote and made two copies of it. Not many people read it, it was really just my parents.”

A Sudbury native born to Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and General Electiric workers,  Berkowitz is incredibly interested and passionate about journalism (he’s the News editor for the Lincoln Sudbury Forum. However, there was a period of time where he focused more on creative short stories.

“I’ve always liked to write. It wasn’t always the journalistic form,” Berkowitz said. “For a while in middle school I wrote a lot of short stories but then I moved onto more concrete journalism. I still write creatively, but not as much.”

Sitting in a chair at a professional newswriting course at American University, shaking with excitement at the prospect of a journalistic career, Berkowitz’s eyes sparkled as he proudly proclaimed that despite recommendations by family members not to do so, he will major in journalism. And after all, that’s not a big surprise considering he is, and always has been, “The Reporter.”