Susan Heavey’s take on modern news

Veteran journalist Susan Heavey has seen a lot of changes in the news business.
A reporter for Thomson Reuters since 1999, Heavey said technology and inventions such as smart phones, social media networks and blogging websites have changed the way journalists write and what is truly relevant in a good story.
“Now that there are so many more platforms to get stories out there, people are coming to what they read in a different way,” Heavey told a group of aspiring journalists in the professional news writing class at the National Student Leadership Conference. “The stories themselves are so much more important.”
While the ever-changing news business has changed dramatically, it provides new opportunities for upcoming journalists, Heavey said.
“The stories that circulate are the ones with the grabbing headlines and clean, crisp writing,” Heavey said. “It’s less about sensationalism and more about tight writing.”
While these innovations change the game of the news business at a sometimes overwhelming pace, it provides many chances for upcoming journalists to tell great stories, Heavey said. It also provides upcoming journalists with the chance to become better writers and focus more on a strong story and less about fluff journalism, she said.