Sophie in the Spotlight

Sophie Smith may live in the small town of Irvington, New York but in no way does she dream small. She has her eyes set on the city.

Smith exclaims the lights of the theater entrance her and she has seen “more Broadway shows than [she] can count.” Broadway is more than just a street name to Sophie. It is a journey and a goal.

“I have seen a lot of shows on Broadway…I’ve seen Wicked twice; it was amazing,” said Smith.

Sophie’s various theater experiences sparked her desire to excel in her performances with the school plays, which eventually brought Sophie to the National Student Leadership Conference. This program was a chance for Sophie to increase her confidence as well as improve her writing skills.

Sophie’s abilities to “see what people feel” and “pay attention to the little things” help her become another person and relate to a character on a personal level. Her knowledge of the stage is shown by the certainty in her voice when she speaks on the subject. Whether she becomes an actress, a journalist or even something completely different, that confidence will keep Sophie in the spotlight wherever she goes.

And who knows? The world may see Sophie Smith’s name in flashing lights and be waiting in anticipation for her entrance.