Frankie Fucci

Frankie Fucci,15, walks with a bounce in her step and smiles as she tells me about her talent of producing several different types of laughs.

“I can do quiet giggles, girly laughs or just cackles,” she describes. The only thing Frankie has negative feelings for is reading death-ridden books in English class. She is a very emotional person and feels she can understand what people are feeling.

Frankie also was open about her catty relationship with her sister in which they fight over “stupid stuff”. Montana, who is younger than Frankie by just one year, contradicts Frankie in her personality which is eccentric and loud. Montana also participates in sports, pleasing their father, while Frankie now prefers to shy away from the training, competitive spirit and the coach’s teaching styles.

Currently, Frankie is taking part in the National Student Leadership Conference for Journalism and Mass Communication. Her interest in English drives her involvement in her school newspaper which she joined this past year.