Anything but boring: Janae Cephas

Janae Cephas (right) and NSLC friends, Monica Polii (middle) and Maureen Wietecha (left), visit the American Film Institute in Maryland.

There are four adjectives 16-year-old Janae Cephas uses to describe herself. Supportive. Nice. Introverted. Boring.

Cephas, though, is anything but boring.

The Laurel Maryland Catholic high school student is no stranger to shouldering leadership positions. A rising junior, Cephas is involved in a myriad of extracurricular activities, one being “Poms,” a sport combining cheerleading and dance. Cephas will be co-captain and assist in leading the team to nationals. The “Poms” third place state champion will also serve as secretary of her school’s National Science Research Society and plans to try out for the girl’s tennis team.

While she does enjoy spending time with her friends, Cephas can be spotted more hanging out with her family (yet if shopping enters the equation, all bets are off). “I get along really well with my family,” said Cephas. “Everyone’s always there for me and the support is incredible.” Cephas comes from a background that includes origins in the Caribbean– Jamaica and Trinidad– where she one day hopes to attend “Carnival,” an annual music and costume festival.

Rooted in Cephas’s childhood readings of stories with her family is a zeal for reading and writing. Her love for the art can be noticed as she enjoys writing poetry in her spare time, simply because the writing form is an outlet for expression.

“I write for myself,” she said. “I can get all of my emotions out.” Cephas is interested in the writing process and is looking to perhaps pursue a career in newswriting.

Even with a possible dream of journalism in mind, along with psychology, Cephas’s crystal ball remains a bit murky. “I’m actually afraid of the future,” Cephas revealed. She hopes the professional newswriting class at the National Student Leadership Conference will help her discover a potential true passion for the profession.

Whatever the future brings for Cephas, she is confident that she will shine in her clear desire to create change and “do something that means something.”

Janae Cephas is not a boring person.