Alicia Zheng advocates gender equality

At the tender age of 16, Alicia Zheng is already a feminist activist and trying to make changes in her high school.
Zheng, one of three presidents of the Gender Conference Committee at The Webb Schools in  Los Angeles, Calif., has strong feelings about gender equality and hopes to level the playing field for young women
The committee has a strong emphasis on feminist activism, and it organizes one day for every school year, by the latin name of “Dies Mulieres” or “Day of the Women”, where the boys of the school are absent and women equality is advocated through workshops and guest speakers.
But for Zheng, a junior from Claremont, Calif., there is still more work to be done.
“We are trying to change the fact that we only have that one day,” Zheng said. “We are trying to implement it in the school curriculum because it is already such a big part of our society, and sometimes you don’t even notice it.”
 Zheng does not take the controversial issue lightly, and is never satisfied when society lowers standards for women. According to Zheng, boys in her boarding school have more privileges in their dormitories and are more often praised for the same work the girls of the school do.
“I’ve always been upset when someone says I can’t do something because I’m a girl,” Zheng said. “The reason I do GCC is because I care about the issue, and you have to care about it to change it.”