NSLC profile: Ruth Milburn

Ruth Milburn

“I hope to make a splash. I want to be famous to be honest with you,” said Ruth Milburn, a student from Slatington, Pa., when asked about her journalism goals.

Milburn hopes to become famous one day by writing for a national publication such as National Geographic, USA Today or The New York Times. She said she wants people to know her name when reading her human-interest pieces. She is getting her start in journalism at the National Student Leadership Conference for journalism and mass communication at American University this summer.

Milburn, a rising senior at Northern Lehigh High School, has long loved English and has more recently developed an interest in journalism. Her seventh grade English teacher was the first to help her to discover journalism. Milburn was intrigued by the stories he told of working in a news room and writing about all different topics at his  previous jobs as a local newspaper reporter.

Milburn worked on her middle school newspaper, The Bulldog Bark, during seventh and eighth grade. She wrote a profile about a new teacher and an article about eighth grade students’ thoughts on attending high school.

“You know how everyone asks you, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?” she said. “It felt good to finally have something to say.”

Milburn wrote for the school newspaper again in high school. She was also accepted into her school’s broadcast program, The Dawg News Network. When she received information on the NSLC program, she was eager to learn more about journalism.

“I was excited and nervous,” Milburn said. “My parents were very proud of me because of NSLC’s prestigious reputation.”

From a leadership standpoint, she would like to become more confident in meeting new people and a more well- rounded leader.

Milburn is confident of what she wants to do after the NSLC program. She hopes to attend a public university in Pennsylvania and major in either journalism or communications. While attending college, Milburn would like to either work for the university newspaper or the news station as a broadcast journalist.

“My future holds many different opportunities, but I feel that NSLC has helped me to be able to focus on which of these opportunities I would like to peruse,” Milburn said. “NSLC has helped me to hone my talents, so I am better able to make the splash I want to in the journalism world.”