From lobsters to Last Resort: Visiting Baltimore Harbor

Lobsters on the loose in Baltimore Harbor. Photo by Shivani Gonzalez

“Lobster picture anyone?” yelled a blond teenage boy standing next to another blond teenage boy dressed in a lobster costume. Such is the atmosphere of Baltimore Harbor.

Even though Baltimore Harbor houses many new shops and restaurants, the port itself is not new. The Port of Baltimore has been a major United States seaport since the early 1700′s. In September 1964 the plan for the harbor was unveiled and construction started 10 years later in April 1974.

Baltimore Harbor houses many tourist attractions, including the Maryland Science Center, The National Aquarium, The Maritime Museum and the Port Discovery Children’s Museum. These museums are particularly enjoyable because they are about marine life and they are located on the water.

Along with people who head to the museums, many people head to Baltimore Harbor for an evening of shopping and good food.

A restaurant in the Inner Harbor called Dick’s Last Resort is a famous tourist attraction. This chain of restaurants can also be found in Nashville, Myrtle Beach, Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis and Las Vegas.

Tourists flock to this restaurant for the opposite reason of what one would think. Dick’s Last Resort is known for their bad service.

The inside is dark and dingy, and tissues, old plates and food scrapes litter the floor. Unlike most restaurants, the waiters are paid to be rude to you. They throw straws, roll their eyes and make fun of you. They even go as far as to put a bag that they’ve created into a hat on your head with insults like  “I can’t wait till I’m 30″, “Virgin 4 Life” and “Prego by Prom.” Even though these insults would usually be hurtful and taken seriously, people line up to be insulted. The wait for a four-person table is typically 30 minutes.

If being insulted for an hour doesn’t sound exciting, don’t worry. There are many more options, including Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Blu Bamboo, Five Guys and Tasca.  You can find American, seafood, Asian, Spanish and so many more food types just in the Inner Baltimore Harbor.

After you have eaten your weight in delicious food you can burn off the calories — and all your money — by taking a peek at the amazing shopping opportunities. Shopping at Baltimore Harbor includes Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Barnes and Nobles, Aldo, Coach, H&M, Levi’s, Sunglass Hut, Wet Seal and souvenir shops.

If you can pull yourself away from the sale racks then you can take a peek out of the window for a beautiful view.

If you want to go somewhere on a tight budget Baltimore Harbor is still an option. You don’t need to spend any money to have fun. You can just walk along the harbor and take in the atmosphere: the gleeful children on sugar highs, the happy couples holding hands, the blond teenage boys dressed in lobster costumes, and any other weird thing that you could be lucky enough to view. Not only can you people watch, there is usually live music as well, which is completely free of charge.

If you are willing to spend a few bucks you can rent a paddle boat disguised as a dragon and paddle around the edge of the Patapsco River at sunset.

And don’t forget to get a picture with the lobster.