Eastern Market: A place for everyone

Eastern Market, a popular public market near the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, is constantly filled with people looking for food, garments or music. On a steamy Saturday in late June, the market is particularly busy.

“It was really cool, because there was a lot of interesting vintage, clothes and good food,” said Charlotte Wilson, a student in the Discover the World of Communication program at American University. “Eastern Market contained a variety of everything.”

The Eastern Market’s food and drinks are exceptional because they are all fresh. Limeade, lemonade and “orangeade” are among the many types of healthy options at the market. Vegan brownies. Sushi. Homemade hummus. The list goes on.

Eastern Market is popular not only for its variety but also for its low prices.

“I bought peaches and they weren’t expensive at all,” said Emily Kahn, a Discover the World of Communication student. “And the fruit samples were so delicious. I just wanted to stay there all day.”

A stroll down the streets of the Eastern Market provides visitors with a variety of attractions. One corner contains a mini market, while another contains African masks. The market’s diversity brings people of all walks of life to this weekend hotspot.