A tour of China Central Television (CCTV) in Washington

The China Central Television (CCTV) broadcasting studio in Washington is a sight to behold, full of bright colors from the moment you walk into the building to when you enter the control room. The broadcasting studio is surrounded by small LCD lights everywhere, which lit up the studio. There are digital pictures about 11-feet high from the floor to the ceiling.

These are the main attractions of the station, which has a new American news initiative in Washington. With its headquarters in the United States, the Chinese state television broadcaster is making an effort to bring what’s happening in China to an American audience.

The CCTV studio in Washington is one of its newest. It was built just this year and only in about seven months. CCTV also uses the newest Chinese technology that is designed by Chinese architects. The walls are made largely of glass. The CCTV broadcasting studio has five screens surrounding the entire studio. Each are high definition screens that project different backgrounds. These backgrounds are vary depending on the broadcast.

Many students who visited the studio said that they were dazzled by the building when they first entered. Andy Kuo, a student who visited CCTV, said “I did not know that a communist Chinese network could be so bright.”

Another student, Victoria Arrocha, said that she found the building to be very high-tech. Tony Cohen, a teaching assistant for Discover the World of Communication program, said that the technology at the station was something he had never seen before. Students agreed that the best part of the trip was going into the CCTV broadcasting studio and experiencing the broadcasters working.

Arrocha also said that she was inspired when she entered the studio.

Kuo said that there is too much glass in the building, whereas Arrocha said that the building was perfect and she would not change anything.

Cohen, Kuo, and Arrocha all agreed that CCTV is one of the most innovative studios they have seen.