A note to colleges: Show me the veggie options

As a rising senior, I have begun searching for the perfect college. Many factors go into the decision of choosing a college: academics, size and housing options are among them. But as a vegetarian, the dining options available at colleges play a significant role in my search.

Most college campuses offer non-meat products. But I have learned that not all of these options are appealing. When I visited Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., I was faced with eating Tofu Stroganoff that made my stomach turn. At the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, I ate mediocre veggie burgers for three days in a row. I could see that at these schools it would be difficult to maintain a vegetarian diet.

But at American University in Washington DC, the prospect of continuing my vegetarianism through college seems plausible. At TDR, the cafeteria inside the Mary Graydon Center, there is a section of locally grown food and a section of vegetarian and vegan cuisine that could fulfill my dietary needs. It would be easy to find delicious and healthy vegetarian food at TDR throughout my college career.

There are also various restaurants nearby American’s campus in Northwest Washington that offer vegetarian dining options, such as Megabytes Cafe, Whole Foods Market, Subway and Z-Burger, which offers a delicious veggie burger.

Finding vegetarian food that is healthy and tastes good will be a challenge throughout my life, but at AU I believe that I can continue my diet without getting bored of the same food and becoming tempted to eat meat.