DWC profile: Matt Danilack

Matt Danilack

Since a young age, Matt Danilack has traveled around the United States with his school soccer team every weekend. He’s traveled everywhere from Texas to New Jersey to Scotland. He and his team have dedicated soccer as their top priority.

But the Rockville, Md., native has more recently discovered another passion: journalism. Last year he joined his school newspaper, The Current.

“Joining The Current was important because it meant being able to be part of a club that was meaningful and influential to other students,” Danilack said. “Journalism meant being able to voice my opinion to other students.”

Danilack is nicknamed “the building man” because he often writes about new buildings at his school. He has interviewed the school’s facilities administrator several times. Danilack said he never set out to cover facilities but he has discovered that he enjoys the beat.

Being a staff member for a monthly paper takes up roughly four hours a week. Danilack said it can be a challenge balancing writing for the newspaper and keeping to his busy soccer schedule. Just recently, he went on a soccer trip to New York and had to worry about finishing an article for the paper while also needing rest for his game the next morning. As his teammates watched television in their rooms, Danilack had to focus on finishing his article in an empty conference room near the hotel lobby.

Although he said he is undecided about his future career — whether journalism or something else — two of his articles have already been published on the front page of the school paper.