Soaring to New Heights With Aviation Queen Benet Wilson

Thursday, July 7th, American University’s summer newswriting class was joined via Skype by DC journalist Benet Wilson. The “Aviation Queen” shared her experiences working at the magazine “Aviation Week” and gave inspiring advice for her audience of aspiring journalists.

Wilson put the young journalists to the tests, starting the class with a writing exercise, an impromptu headline and lead for an artificial news story. With this activity, she stressed the importance of captivating readers with engaging headlines and opening leads that will draw and keep their attention.

Wilson’s long résumé of journalistic endeavors has provided her with great knowledge and insight into the field of journalism. In

She expressed that the way into the world of new age of journalism is to utilize technology- a fitting lesson considering Wilson was conducting the class in the comfort of her home through a web camera. Each individual is a brand and to achieve success, one must promote themselves through many mediums. Wilson herself has a twitter account and her own website to publish her thoughts and establish her own identity as a journalist.

Wilson’s most important advice was on persistence. In this field getting your name known will help promote your work. Being involved in school publications and internships will benefit your pursuit for success. Coming from such a successful journalist, Wilson’s advice is a recipe for success.