My Experience Flying with Benet Wilson on Skype

Ever since Benet Wilson went on her first plane ride from New York to London at age five, she was addicted to the field of aviation. However, after changing her major eight times at American University, Wilson graduated as a print journalist in 1985. She then moved on to work at the Bureau of National Affairs as an employment and training reporter, writing about everything from country-wide unemployment rates to economic development. Wilson now works for Online Aviation Weekly and many other publications associated with aviation.

When Wilson was starting out as a journalist, it was all very simple. Typewriters were used, and a regular work day consisted of interviews, writing the story, and going home by the end of the day. One bit of advice she has for journalists today: Ask tough questions. “I ask tons and tons of questions no matter how dumb they are,” she said. In Wilson’s opinion, journalism is morphing. Twitter, video chats, and blogging are all new ways to communicate information, along with writing a story. Nowadays, a reporter must ‘tweet’ constantly to keep up with the news, conduct in-depth interviews, transcribe the interviews, shoot videos for Youtube, and blog about the news at night. Journalism is going digital.

One example of this change is the way I conversed with Wilson. She spoke to my class through webcam, on Skype. I thought it was so interesting how fast we were able to connect to her, and how much I could learn from someone through a camera and a projector. My experience talking to Wilson over Skype was unique, yet exciting. I look forward to the time when all of journalism becomes digitized.