Co-ed change

 “I think it’s a bad idea, and my parents would be very upset.” These are the first words that Aisha Cooper said when I mentioned how some universities are letting students choose the sex of their roommate. The 19 year old who attends Spelman College thinks the idea is weird and that students would not be responsible enough.

Universities like Rutgers, Wesleyan, Clark, Oberlin College and Stanford are letting their students choose the sex of their roommates because some people complained how they felt uncomfortable having a gay or transgender roommate.

“The school shouldn’t be dictating who you live with,” said Steve Haddock.

Megan Turner, 2o, from California says that she’s heard how the idea of having different sex  roommates is becoming popular.

“It will cause a lot of problems if the roommates are not married

Or in a committed relationship,” said Turner.  She added that she might be interested if she had a boyfriend.  Turner thinks the idea needs to be explored before being put into effect, and said that it is very interesting.

Some people don’t really care if they had an opposite sex roommate like 21-year-old Chris. He thinks the new trend is no different than living in a dorm where genders are separated on different floors or across the hall. Chris lived off campus his sophomore year of college with two females and a male roommate.

Parents have a whole different view on this, “ I don’t think college freshman are responsible enough to have a opposite sex roommate, they just got out of high school.” Said Gary Warner. He thinks it should stay the way it was before.