A 21st Century Library

Wi-Fi, computers, quiet, and, yes, drinks are allowed but this isn’’t an Internet café, it is the new library in Tenleytown.
The Tenley/Friendship library knew exactly what it was doing when it opened up its new library in January going head to head with Kindles and  Nooks for readers’ time and attention.
The outside boast modern architecture while the inside includes technology found in an Apple store and still has enough books, magazines and newspapers to fill two floors.
The library staff has attracted library goers with laptops wi-fi and a clean place to runaway to while maintaining popular programs such as toddler story time and book groups.  The lower level  fiills daily with kids and their parents looking through the children’s book rows.
Adapting  to the modern age has helped Tenley/Friendship library become one of the most popular branches in D.C according to librarian Leslie Griffin.
“”This is not the old red brick stereo typical library,” “said Griffin.  She points to the  Dells  and Macs filling the second floor and free Wi-Fi. The library is also littered with outlets for people to charge their devices. “ “It is supposed to be cutting edge,” ” said Griffin.”
The old Tenley town library closed six years ago and since then the there had been much debate in what should go in its place. In 2009 residents rallied for a new library to replace the closed one.
Beside the new technology that fills the two floors it is still a library and attracts many people who still love to read books and not e-readers.  “I like reading physical books,”” said library-goer Melissa. “Iimagine this book has been past from generations… there is something very attractive about reading something someone else has read.” ”
The Tenley/Friendship library is open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM on all days except monday and wednesday when it is open 1 to 9 pm.