Cal and the green initiative

BERKELEY, Calif.—”Pretty much everyone I know here recycles,” says Makossa Sweetyne, 33, a California Hall Security guard at the University of California at Berkeley. The name “Berkeley” itself elicits feelings of environmental awareness and progressive thinking. The recycling issue is no different.

In a recent informal survey on the UC-Berkeley campus, there was a resounding promotion of the recycling movement. But what makes Berkeley so different from other “green” universities around the country?

“It is the people’s attitudes [at Berkeley] that make it easier to recycle,” says student Camille Orque, 19.

Furthermore, Berkeley is raising the environmental standards of its campus all around. A recent program monitors the levels of lead in each building as well as offers an accessible recycling program.

Environmental awareness is evident on the campus, as everyone works to keep it clean. “The campus here is very clean and well kept due to the recycling around, it makes campus better. It’s one of the best things about the Berkeley campus,” says Jene Cunningham, 21, another Cal student.

Although each person has his or her own initiative to recycle, one thing about Berkeley is clear: a desire to keep the world a better place for the next generation.

Isioma Iyamah, a rising junior says,”I feel like we could make a difference…it sounds corny, but it’s true.”