Berkeley: free-thinkers blaze their own fashion trails

Berkeley style in a brief sentence?

Said tourist George Hedges, “Individualism. Character. I don’t think you can bottle that.” Though he may be visiting from England, his personal philosophy on fashion describes the whole Berkeley community.  It’s this particular outlook that makes the city’s style unique, said young people interviewed recently recently for a random survey.

Student Amanda Pearlstein, 20, might have agreed. “Anyone can rock a particular style if they’re fashionable enough.”

Others criticized the popularity of brands themselves. Among them, Igor Krivitskiy, 21, said “[logos] detract from the style of [the garment].”

Despite such sentiments, many Berkeley residents had favorite stores. Here are some of the most popular Berkeley brands and stores:


American Apparel, Converse, Ed Hardy, Forever 21, Gap, Guess, H&M, Jack Purcells, Old Navy, Puma, Urban Outfitters, Zara

In accordance to trends, many Berkeley residents and students held different opinions of what was  fashionable. Jamie Richards, 27, however, had other priorities. “Don’t forsake fashion for comfort,” she said.

Popular Clothing Items

Blazers, button down shirts,  skinny  jeans, cardigans, wayfarer sunglasses, hoodies, flowing scarves, boyfriend khaki shorts, loose tees, wedge sandals. rolled-up jeans.

What to Look for When Shopping

Flannel, plaid, floral print, pastels, earthtones

Clothing to Avoid

Baggy pants on men, skate shoes, fitted shirts for men, ripped-up jeans,  dress shirts for casual occasions, anything overly pretentious or provocative.

However, if you’re looking to add Berkeley style to your own closet, make sure you don’t overthink it.  “You get an issue when individuality becomes uniformity,” said Hedges. Stereotypical ways of dressing, like indie, and “goth…become a uniform.” Perhaps the most important advice is to have “fun” and be true to yourself.

Contributing writers: Kallista Zormelo, Ayla Mitchell, Kelcie Mccurdy, Kaitlyn Sever, Sophia Gallegos,