Kids rock at neighborhood music camp

Julian Klingen is ready to rock.

The 11-year-old is attending rock band camp at Middle C Music Store, a community music store in D.C.’s Tenleytown neighborhood that encourages musicians in all shapes and sizes. A D.C. native, he’s been taking guitar lessons at the store for the past year, and was excited about getting involved in a rock band.

The typical day at rock band camp isn’t really like a typical day at home — the kids work on three different songs, one chosen by their instructor, Mark Noone, one that they’ll write, and one that they voted on. They chose “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, and spend the five days they are in camp working on different parts of the songs.

The band also gets to decide on a name, and there are many to choose from: Naked Elvis, Chicken Wang, Pie Theory, Losers on Fire, Rabid 3-Year-Old, and Klingen’s personal favorite, Beethoven’s Crud. Past names include Pants Optional, and Frogs in a Blender.

Klingen loves camp. Asked if he thought he’d attend next year, his answer is firm. “Definitely.”

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