Campus life: summer edition

It is 11 a.m. on a hot and drowsy Friday morning.  The campus at American University is fairly quiet, the sparse population moving slowly.  Summertime at AU is more relaxed and laid back with fewer students on site.  However, there are still activities going on.

Erin Phillips, Facilities and Events Coordinator, talks about the events that go on during the summer.  Included in these activities are academic camps and conferences, sports camps, college visits, freshman orientation, and more.  When classes are not in session, Phillips prepares for the upcoming school year. “It starts to get busy in August,” she says.  During the school year, students will hang out at the Kogod School of Business, spending time with friends, doing homework or just relaxing.  “We have many lounges, and students like to hang out here,” Phillips said.

Emma Delaney, 17, is at American’s campus for  the National Student Leadership Conference and she is taking classes focusing on journalism.  When asked why she came to the camp, she said “I like to write and I wanted to see what directions I could go.”  This camp will be on campus for a total of 13 days, leaving Saturday.  Included in the NSLC  program are other classes, including sessions on law, politics, intelligence, education, sports, and medicine which take place on various dates throughout the summer.

Freshman orientation started on July 8.  Nancy Ollinger, mother to a rising freshman, seemed excited for her child.  “We picked American because of the good opportunities, the reputation, and the lovely campus,” Ollinger says.  Part of the family’s trip to American University will include a vacation to Washington, D.C., seeing sights such as the Newseum, a museum dedicated to the history of news and journalism.

At the university’s gym, Ana Snelling notices the difference between summer and the school year on campus.  “It’s a lot quieter, not as busy in the summer” Snelling says.  Students, faculty, and community members are members of the gym.  With the additional free time, Snelling goes to the pool.

The Eagle’s Nest, a convenient store on the AU campus is no exception to the summer lull.  Jackie Hale, a cashier at the Eagle’s Nest, says the store gets busy in the fall, with a rush of students. “I love the rush” Hale says.  During the school year, there is a steady flow of students.  When the basketball camps are going on, the Eagle’s Nest can get busy, but generally during the summer it stays calm.  With her free time, Hale likes to read.

During the school year, American University has a plethora of activities and many people such as staff, professors, and students.  However, summertime on this Washington D.C. college campus stays fairly quiet, but not inactive.

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