One step for child kind

Walking into Chef Geoff’s there is a familiar feeling, as if you have been in this setting before. Then you put your finger on it, and remember that one restaurant in your home town. Chef Geoff’s gives off a sense of comfort. The welcoming atmosphere is made with the decoration and the family vibe from the staff. Winner of the 2009 Albert Uster’s “Chef of the Year Award,” Geoff Tracy, owner of the Chef Geoff’s establishment, is a well-respected chef and a father to his three children.

“Health awareness came more in focus when I became a dad,” said Tracy. His love for great tasting food makes Tracy want his food to be fresh, not food with expiration¬† dates that are made from chemicals. Rather than use store bought baby food, Tracy feeds his twin three-year-olds and his two-year-old children home-cooked meals that he blends and puts in containers in the freezer. His wife, MSNBC News Chief Narah O’Donnell, fell in love with his idea and decided to expose the rest of the world to Tracy’s idea. The married couple wrote a book together called “Baby Love” inspired by Geoff’s point of view on how to feed children. This book will be published September 1 from St. Martin’s press. Tracy hopes to start a craze of healthy eating during childhood. Tracy said,”I’m going to the first food in the body, as a dad and as a chef.”

The Best Neighbor Award was given to Chef Geoff for his active part take in the community. Tracy goes three or four times a year to Horace Mann Elementary School to Louis Hill’s science department. For science students in first to second grade, Chef Geoff makes special appearances to cook and teach them ways to eat delicious and healthy food. Tracy said,”First graders that saw green and saw it was food, say yuck,” regarding the first reactions of healthy food to younger students. However the response was a success when 43 out of 44 kids consumed every last bit of their homemade gnocchi with their green sauce and tomatoes. Tracy also has a kids menu that is deliciously healthy. Every pasta noodle is homemade, and doesn’t come with a side of fries. Instead, the sides are replaced by carrot stick and pop corn. The response was great and his kids menu is a success.

Chef Geoff is opening the eyes of parents and children one step at a time. With his new book coming out, his kids menu at his restaurants and his participation in schools, there are great possibilities to change the eating habits of many children. With a positive attitude, Tracy said,”I think that movement is in full motion.”

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