Nats defeat Royals in rain-drenched game

Last night’s Nationals game against Kansas City was filled with tension, a massive storm and a victory for Washington. The game began like any other.  Music boomed in the background and fans filed into the stadium and bought hot dog after hot dog before settling down into their seats.  Clouds filled the sky, and although the humidity was high, a slight breeze blew every few minutes to cool down the sweaty fans waiting in anticipation for the game to begin.  Once the first inning started, however, the game quickly turned into continuous strikeouts up until the fourth inning.  It took awhile, but Washington finally scored a run just as the weather turned violent.  Out of nowhere, rain began to pour from the clouds, growing heavier and heavier by the minute.  Winds blew trash and debris every which way as lightning lit up the endless gray sky.  The game was delayed and an announcement flashed on the scoreboard telling fans to evacuate their seats and take cover underneath the concourse.  Hundreds of people ran in all directions, looking for a dry patch in the soaking mess while trying not to let their belongings blow away.  In a way the terrible weather was nearly as exciting as the game itself.

When it looked as if the tempest was subsiding, fans started making their way back to the drenched plastic seats.  The air was sticky and smelled of wet clothing, but nobody had come this far to miss the end of the game.  A gigantic tarp had been placed over the field during the storm, and a large group of people slowly made their way back onto the grass to remove it from the dirt.  It took nearly 10 minutes for them to get rid of the excess rainwater and clear the area for the players, but eventually the match picked back up again.  By now everyone was re-energized and ready to watch the game’s conclusion.  The crowd erupted into a roar with each run and waited for the crack of the bat against the ball.  Washington pulled through and won by one run,  4 to 3.  It was certainly a memorable experience, filled with dramatic moments such as Josh Willingham’s 100th career home run, a dreadful storm that ripped through the game in the fourth inning and Washington’s 33rd win this season.

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